ONETHIRD – Khendi Lee portfolio





Hong Kong ICT Award 2014

HKDA Global Design Award 2013

D&AD Student 2008


Find beauty and emotions through ideas and technology

A passionate and accomplished art director. Interested in turning fuzzy ideas into clear and strategic concept. Originally from Indonesia, I come to Hong Kong via Singapore’s advertising and design scene. There I worked with a number of agencies and also established his own design studio. 

I am recognised with awards from British Design & Art Direction, Singapore Crowbar, HKDA Global Design, Hong Kong ICT and has been featured in numerous publications like Asia Pacific design and Designers' Identities.

My work has added spice to many brands, including China Mobile, Jamn, Nike, Daycraft and Asian Sky Group and Favour Light.



At ONETHIRD formula is simple. We are passionate about design, craftsmanship and quality. These 3 important pillars are the basis of our brand.